How To Replace Floor Joists And Subfloor: Best Way To Replace

Best Way To Replace Floor Joists And Subfloor

In order to replace floor joists and subfloor, the user needs to follow the steps given below:
  1. Safety: Before going for the process, it is important to wear the protective gears like the glass and the dust masks.
  2. Remove The Floorboards: The next step is to remove the Floorboards, whether the user is working at home or outdoor working under the deck, removing the floorboard is important.
  3. Crowbar: Carefully put the tip of the crowbar in between the boards and then push it in, tap the end with the help of the hammer, repeat the process until everything around the affected area is removed.
  4. Mark The Old Locations: The next step is to Mark the old Locations, because the affected joist are now visible.
  5. Remove: Select a joist to remove, after that the user needs to make a cut all the way through the joist with the help of the saw, try staying as close as possible to the end that has been selected without hitting the nails or the joist hanger in case they are present. Simply make another cut at the other end using the same process.
  6. Repeat: The next step is to repeat the process for all the joist the user wants to remove, simply remove the old joist by tapping them with the hammer.
  7. Replace: Now the step is to Line up the top of the ledger board. Hammer the prongs so that they will be temporarily secure and then use nails to install it to the ledger board.
  8. Measure: Carefully measure the area in which the new joist will be fixed, Now, the user can simply insert the new joist into the hanger, and nail it securely.
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