Preparing Subfloor For Vinyl Plank Flooring: 5 Easy Steps To Prepare Subfloor

5 Easy Steps To Prepare Subfloor For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here are some of the steps by which the customer can easily prepare their subfloor for vinyl plank flooring:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first thing that the customer need to do is gather all the material and tools like a belt sander, vacuum cleaner, mop, utility knife, leveling compound that is required for preparing the subfloor.
  2. Remove The Furniture: Next step is to remove all the belongings and furniture products like carpets, rugs, etc from the floor surface where vinyl planks are to be installed.
  3. Clean The Subfloor: Use a vacuum cleaner or mop in order to remove all the dust and debris particles from the subfloor surface.
  4. Check The Subfloor: Before installing the vinyl planks on the floor surface the customer needs to examine their subfloor and if they find any type of holes on the floor then they need to fix up the holes by using the leveling compound. The customers need to scoop out a small amount of the leveling compound on the utility knife and spread it over the holes and let it dry completely. The customer then needs to scrape up as much as leveling compound from the subfloor using the utility knife.
  5. Use Belt Sander: Once the level compound is dried completely the customer need to use the belt sander and rub it vigorously all over the surface of the floor in order to create an even smooth finish.
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