Installing Plywood Underlayment Over Subfloor: Steps To Install

General Overview

Installation the underlayment for flooring must be done in a proper way because improper installation of the plywood underlayment will result in the floor blemishes that are easily noticed through the hardwood flooring be it vinyl or laminate. The only way to make the expensive flooring alluring is to install the plywood underlayment exactly as per the manufacturer instructions.

Simple Steps To Install Plywood Underlayment Over Subfloor

Simple steps to install the plywood underlayment over subfloor are mentioned below:
1. Subfloor Preparation: The subfloor needs to be properly cleaned by vacuuming or by sweeping to remove all the debris or dust.
2.Remove Nails: All the nails in the subfloor need to be removed and repairs must be done if needed in any case.
3.Panel Measurement: The panel measurement can be done by taking the proper dimensions of the room to determine what numbers foot panels are required.
4.Smooth Plywood Side: Ensure to keep the plywood on the smooth side in an upward direction.
5.Lay Panels: The panels must be laid flat to cover the entire subflooring.
6.Cut Length: The length of the panels must be cut in a way that matches the ends properly.
7.Mark: Before cutting the panels these need to be marked with the chalk line and cut the plywood panels accordingly.
8.Wood Grain: Make sure to place the wood grain perpendicular to the floor joists.
9.Standing Panels: Once the panels are cut just make sure to keep them standing from the end for a day. Doing this will make the panel installment wrapping free as they will adhere to room temperature well.
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