How To Repair Antique Furniture: Steps

What Are The Steps To Fix Antique Furniture?

Some of the important steps in order to fix the Antique Furniture are mentioned below:
Restoring Antique furniture requires many chemicals and tools that can be harmful to health if certain precautions are not taken such as always wear protective gear like rubber gloves, long sleeves, and eyewear. It is better to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling noxious vapors.
Identifying An Old Finish
Before starting the restoration process it is better to identify the current finish on the furniture.
Start the cleaning process with an oil-based commercial wood cleaner that will cut through the layers of wax and dirt. If in any case, the wood cleaner doesn't bring the furniture back to its original shine, that time switch to a solution of warm water and liquid mild detergent then apply the mixture on the surface with a cloth.
It is the process of repairing the finish which is done by the solvent like denatured alcohol for shellac or lacquer thinner on lacquer. After that apply the solvent to the finished surface using a natural bristle brush, the solvent needs to be applied quickly without getting the brush to dry, let the solvent dry and then buff the surface with steel wool in the direction of the wood grain.
Stripping is an important process in the antique furniture restoration, starting from top to bottom, apply the stripper in a single direction, in the areas where the finish is harder to remove add extra stripper that carved areas. Allow the stripper to dry and then begin scraping the surface stripping tool.
Before starting this process, look for any antique furniture repair, such as fixing broken chair seats or filling in cracks. Then start the refinishing with same paint or varnish.

How Do You Care For Antique Wood Furniture?

In order to care for the antique wood furniture always try to avoid wet cleaning the antique furniture especially in case if the wood is unfinished. However, the furniture can be wet cleaned, by using a mild detergent that is diluted in distilled water and then gently dabs the furniture. At last Finish by applying a coat of best quality wax then buff after it has hardened.
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