How To Repair Furniture Finish Damaged By Fragrant Oil: Steps

General Overview

The fragrant oil is used in the electrical outlets, If in any case, it comes in contact with the varnished furniture then it can cause extensive damage to stained and varnished furniture. This is because of the reason that fragrant oil will eat through all the finish and remove the stain. There is no quick and easy solution when the furniture is damaged by the fragrant oil.

Steps To Repair Furniture Finish Damaged By Fragrant Oil

The customers can try the following steps in order to repair or restore the furniture finish which is damaged by fragrant oil:
  • First of all, buy a best quality scratch repair of the best company like Old English scratch repair, of the slightly lighter shade than the furniture stain requiring repair because it can be applied more than once. The customer also needs to buy a topcoat product for touch-ups.
  • If the damage is severe than first strip the finish that has been damaged by the fine-grit sandpaper and then Applies the scratch repair coat by a soft lint-free rag. If the damage is not severe than don't go for stripping process directly apply the coat.
  • Allow the coat to dry completely and go for next coat if needed.
  • , At last, apply the clear topcoat as different products have different directions or simply apply the coat with a soft brush.
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