How To Remove Glue From Hardwood Floor Installation: Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Glue

General Overview

The hardwood floor installation is the tough process and leaves lots of residues as well such as dust and glue. If in case the floor is affected by the glue it must be immediately removed. There are a number of ways to remove the glue from the hardwood flooring like with the commercial cleaners or with some household remedies by following the right methods some of them are mentioned below.

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Glue From Hardwood Floor Installation

Easy steps to remove the glue from the hardwood floor installation are mentioned below:
1.Resiliency Factor: The first and foremost thing is to check the resiliency factor of the glue on the floor. This can be done by dabbing the small cotton swab over the glue to check if it lifts up or not. In case of some glue lifts with the cotton ball then it could be easily removed. If not then the certain process needs to be followed to get rid of the same.
2.Freeze: Place ice over the glue to freeze it and cover the area using a paper towel.
3.Ice Cubes: Get a plastic sandwich bag and fill it with the ice cubes and keep it over the paper towel.
4.Heavy Objects: Place some heavy object over the bag to fasten up the process.
5.Checking: Keep checking the glue spot after every 30 minutes in order to get ideal about its resiliency.
6.Break Glue: Once the glue becomes hard try to break it using the cotton swab.
7.Spray Lubricant: The application of the spray lubricant needs to be done on the dried glue and wait for 20 minutes and rub the glue with the help of the cotton swab and follow it by cleaning the residue using a damp cloth.
8.Natural Oils/ Acidic Products: Rub the glue with different types of products such as lemon juice, White vinegar, mayonnaise, etc one by one over the area and allow each of them to sit on the area for 20 minutes and follow up by wiping using a damp cloth.
9.Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Once the glue is vanished apply the hardwood cleaner to clean the floor properly. Alternatively, the floor can also be cleaned using mild soap water and sponge.
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