How To Make Chair Cushions: Ties, Kitchen, Foam, Piping, Sewing, Pad, Box

How To Make Chair Cushion Pad With Ties?

With the long usage, the chair cushions get flattened and lose comfort as well as look. The chair cushions can be replaced using readymade ones or can be handmade as well. The various steps involved in making the chair cushion pads with ties are mentioned below:
  1. Planning: Before proceeding, planning is very important to make everything perfect.
  2. Ties: Take the measurement and cut the ties accordingly.
  3. Upside Down: Keep the ties in the upside down direction and tie them all using pins.
  4. Sew: Sew the ties using sewing machine one by one.
  5. Memory Foam: Take the proper measurements and dimensions of the chair seat and cut the memory foam accordingly.
  6. Plywood: Cut the plywood exactly as per the measurement of the memory foam and put both aside to create the pad.
  7. Assemble: First, take the ties and lay them in facing down directions and put the cut piece of the memory foam over it. Now put the plywood piece and keep that over the memory foam.
  8. Finish: Finish assembling by pulling the ties square from one side from the foam and plywood pieces with the help of the upholstery staple gun. Staple all four parts right from inch to edge.
  9. Trim : All excess fabric is required to be trimmed.

How To Sewing The Foam Kitchen Chairs?

Various steps to make the kitchen/ Dining chair cushions are as follows:

Required Items

  • Fabric, 2 inch thick foam
  • Printer Paper and Scotch tape.
  • Quilt batting, matching thread, marker
  • Pins, Scissors, Electric Knife
  • Safety Ad Straight pins


Follow the directions to make the seat cushions:
  1. Printer Paper: Take printer paper and tie them together using tape to make the proper pattern of the chair seat.
  2. Place Chair On Table: Chair needs to be put on the table in upside down direction in order to take the measurement of the seat by marking it with the pencil and cut accordingly.
  3. Trim: If required trim the paper by keeping it on the ground to make the exact seat pattern.
  4. 2" Foam: Put the cut paper on the two-piece foam and draw a line around it using a marker.
  5. Cut The Foam: Cut the foam according to the measurements using scissor or electric knife.
  6. Batting: The batting needs to be cut little larger than the foam. Sew both of them using a zipper foot.
  7. Keep Seam Snides Inn: The batting pouch needs to be turned to keep sewing sides inside.
  8. Cut Batting: Cut batting in line according the foam.
  9. Fabric: The two pieces of fabric is supposed to cut and put foam covered with the batting over it. Ensure to keep the extra fabric over the bottom of the edge.
  10. Mark Cushions: Mark the cushions around using marker.
  11. Sew: The fabric needs to be sewed together but make sure to sew it 1/4 away from the marker traces.
  12. Trim: In case of the excess fabric trim them along the sewing line or seam.

How To Make The Box Cushion With Piping?

The basic steps to make the box cushions with piping are mentioned below:
  1. Fabric: Get the unconventional fabric and lay the foam cushion over it for cutting purpose. Trim the hems in case of the extra fabric.
  2. Piping: The fabric along with the top, edge, and bottom. Make sure, to cut the fabric larger than the cushions.
  3. Stitch: The fabric needs to be stitched keeping right sides together and pin up the piping in-between together.
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