How To Make A Bean Bag Cushion: Brief Overview

Steps To Make A Bean Bag Cushion

The steps in order to make a bean bag cushions are mentioned below:
  1. Fabric: Cut two pieces of the fabric into a rectangle shape, cut the size according to the need.
  2. Sew: Now Sew two pieces together with a seam allowance and leave an opening as well.
  3. Corners: Now cut down corners off so that the cushions get nice corners when you turn it inside out.
  4. Right Side Out: Now turn the Right Side Out. In order to push the corners out use the pencil.
  5. Fill: Now fill the bags with rice.
  6. Hand Sew: Now Hand sews the opening of the bean bag so that the inner material does not come out, and close by using a slip stitch.
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