How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug: Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Creases From Polypropylene Rug

Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Creases From Polypropylene Rug

The majority of the polypropylene rug can get affected by creases which will make it look unattractive & untidy. As soon as you find out these creases or wrinkles in your polypropylene rug, you need to remove them as soon as possible. There are a number of methods that can be used to remove the creases from area rugs including Polypropylene Rug. Some of the methods are mentioned below:

Let It Relax

Sometimes the rug often settles and relaxes on the floor without the need to do anything at all. Then after two or three days, you can check to see if those creases are still there, in some cases the rug is flattened. If In case, wrinkles are still there, then look for other options given below.

Weigh It Down

Under this option, the user needs to place some furniture on the affected area and leave it for a few days. The user can also go for the heavyweight books in place of the furniture or exercise weight. This method will also work on the curled or tuff corners.

Rolling Method

This is one of the simple methods in which the user needs to simply back roll the rug in the reverse direction and keep it in the same position for 1 or 2 days.

Tape It Down

In this method, the user needs to tape the rug down to the floor. One of the important things to keep in mind is that the rug should be in the right spot before tapping it to the floor. The tape that you must use is a carpet tape which is easily available at the home improvement store. Carefully place some pieces of the tape on the backside of the rug then remove the tape adhesive. Try to flatten the rug as much as possible by pressing rug firmly as this will help to eliminate the creases.

Heat Method

  • Hair Dryer: The First point to remember is that never use the hairdryer directly over the fibers of the rug as heat can damage the fibers. Instead, the user needs to turn the rug from the backside and keep the hairdryer set at a low or medium heat setting. Now hold the dryer towards the affected area but 6 to 9 inches away then move the dryer in back and forth direction in the meantime check for the results.
  • Iron: Under this method the user should use the towel which acts as a barrier between iron and rug. Set the iron on a medium setting and keep the steam setting on, hold the iron on the affected area for almost 5 seconds then move on to the second spot. Repeat the process until all the creases are gone.
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