How To Disinfect A Leather Couch: Clean White & Black, Household Products Naturally

General Overview

Beautiful leather furniture is the longtime investment and requires cleaning and maintenance in a proper way and with the right method. The cleaning of the leather sofa seems easy by it must be noted that using chemical or ammonia as that might eventually result in harming the leather. Dis infecting the leather couch or sofa can be normally done with daily cleaning methods like regular vacuuming and cleaning process like using aerosol Spray.

Steps to Clean the White Leather Couch Naturally with Home Made Products

Different steps to clean a white leather couch or sofa naturally with homemade products are mentioned below.
Rubbing Alcohol: Pour the little amount of the rubbing alcohol on the cotton swab and blot the stain with the same. After the stain vanishes follow up by cleaning white couch using liquid dish soap and warm water. Once done wipe off all residues with the help of the clean and damp cloth.
Baking Soda: Sprinkle the good amount of the baking soda over the stain and follow it by rubbing the stain smoothly with the same. Allow the baking soda to sit over the stain for a complete night. Wipe the leftover using a soft cloth after the night.
Cornstarch: The oil and grease stains can also be removed by applying the cornstarch. Once the cornstarch is applied rub the stain affected area and let it also sit over the stain for a night. Remove the leftover with a clean soft cloth.
Toothpaste: The stain affected area must be damped with the wet cloth but avoid to soak the stain. Apply the non-gel toothpaste over the stain and follow it by rubbing using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Once done the affected area must be cleaned using a dry towel.
Lemon Juice And Tartar Cream: Take a container to make the blend of the both to create the paste and apply the same over the stain and wait for thirty minutes.
Damp Sponge: The paste must be removed using the damp sponge.
Cleaner: Apply the leather cleaner on the couch to protect it from getting damaged like cracking and to maintain its luster.

Ways To Clean Black Leather Couch

Various ways to clean/ disinfectant the black leather couch are as follows.
Dusting: Use a soft cloth to dust the black couch as a regular cleaning routine.
Damp Cloth: Use a damp soft cloth to rub dirt affected area with the same. To remove the hard dirt or stain pour the few drops of the liquid dish soap and rub smoothly.
Saddle Soap: The entire large portion of the leather couch must be cleaned using the saddle soap and soft cloth. For cleaning glycerin’s, based saddle soap must be rubbed on the black couch and follow it by buffing with a clean soft cloth to make it shiny again.
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