How To Get Paint Off Leather Couch: Ways To Remove

Ways To Remove Paint From Leather Couch

The paint spots & splatters over the leather couch are very hard to remove but that doesn't mean the spots & splatters cannot be removed. It usually takes more time to remove dry paint spots compared to the wet ones as the removal process is quite different. The ways to remove wet & dry paint splatters & spots from the leather couch are as follows;

Wet Paint

If the paint is still wet over the leather couch, the user can remove it by following the below-given steps;
  1. Dab The Paint Off: First, the user needs to dab wet paint with a rolled paper towel and try to get as much paint as possible off the leather couch. The step helps the user to prevent excess paint from spreading around the present spot. It has been recommended to avoid blotting or rubbing the paint with something that is larger in diameter than the spot.
  2. Prepare Solution: After that, the user needs to prepare a solution by mixing a mild detergent with hot water. It has been recommended to mix one ounce of mild or dish detergent into a quarter of hot water and stir the mixture well.
  3. Apply Solution: The next step will be to dip the sponge into the solution, wring out excess liquid from it, and then wipe away the remaining paint residue.
  4. Apply Conditioner: The last step will be to dry the leather with a paper towel before rubbing the spot with commercial leather conditioner. As per expert advice, silicon-free leather conditioner is recommended for the step.

Dry Paint

If the paint has dried over the leather couch, the user can remove it by the below-given steps;
  1. Scrub Dried Paint: First, the user needs to scrub excess dried paint with a sharp knife tip and try to remove as much dried paint as possible. It has been recommended to scrub the couch carefully without puncturing or scraping the underneath leather surface.
  2. Use Mild Citrus Cleaner: Once the possible dried paint is removed, the user needs to spray the spot with mild citrus cleaner. It has been recommended to cover as little leather as possible with a mild cleaner. The cleaner should be allowed to soak for a minute or two before rubbing the paint lightly & vigorously with a kitchen scrubbing pad. It is necessary to spray some cleaner over the scrubbing pad before rubbing it over the remaining paint.
  3. Check Work Progress: After a minute of rubbing, the user needs to wipe dry the spot with a clean cloth and check the work progress. If required, the user can spray the cleaner again and rub the spot until the paint is completely removed.
  4. Apply Leather Conditioner: The last step will be to wipe dry the area before applying a silicone-free leather conditioner over it. The step will help the user to restore the original & natural sheen of leather.
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