How To Clean Pontoon Carpet: Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Pontoon Carpet

General Overview

Moss growth is one of the biggest issues that can occur in your pontoon carpet, due to the reason that pontoon boats are usually placed outside in the rain & humidity, making it vulnerable to moss growth on the synthetic carpet. Cleaning your pontoon carpet at regular intervals will help you get rid of moss from the carpet. The majority of the moss killers are harmful to saltwater life as well as plants, so it is highly recommended not to use such a dangerous moss killers if your pontoon boat is nearby any kind of water way, instead, you should use the least harmful moss removal technique first. However, the best way to clean your pontoon carpet is on dry land in order to prevent infecting the water.
Why To Keep Your Pontoon Carpet Clean?
Some of the reasons to keep your pontoon carpet clean always are listed below:
  • It covers your deck.
  • It protects your deck.
  • It adds comfort.
  • It adds eye-pleasing appeal.

If in case your pontoon carpet is dirty & damaged, then all the above points will not be guaranteed. Simply keep you carpet clean in order to make it look attractive & pleasing. Some other important factors to keep your pontoon carpet up to date include the following:
  • It is very expensive, so replacing it will not be a better option.
  • It safeguards your deck, which in turn prevents your deck to be replaced, which otherwise is very expensive.
  • It adds value to your boat.

Step By Step Process Of Cleaning Pontoon Carpet

Keeping your pontoon carpet clean should always be your highest priority, as cleaning will keep it look brand new always. Moss is one of the issues that you most likely will have to handle when it comes to cleaning your pontoon carpet. In order to remove moss from your pontoon carpet, go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. Park Pontoon Boat: First of all, park or position your pontoon boat at a place such as driveway in order to start the moss removal process without any hindrances. Keep in mind that plants should not be harmed by any moss removal compounds. You need a garden hose having access to clean water convenient for washing the boat.
  2. Vinegar Is Safe: Now, take a clean plastic spray bottle & fill it with vinegar. Regular white household vinegar is highly recommended, due to the reason that this product is strong enough in order to kill moss, however, it does not need to be mixed with water. Vinegar is considered absolutely safe when it comes to using it on the synthetic pontoon carpeting, but you need to clean it after using.
  3. Apply Vinegar: Next, apply the vinegar immediately on all the spots where you notice moss. Allow the vinegar to sit for nearly 10 minutes and penetrate the moss entirely. The longer the vinegar sits, the better it will be in order to rigorously kill the moss.
  4. Scrub: After that, scrub the moss affected areas with the help of a scrub brush. If in case your boat is affected by a great deal of moss growth, then you need to scrape up the moss pieces before cleaning, to prevent spraying moss debris throughout the driveway.
  5. Rinse Water: Now, sprinkle as well as rinse water from the garden hose to the scrubbed areas. Do this betwixt scrubbing in order to keep the area clean and keep an eye on your progress. If possible, fix a pressure washing nozzle on to your hose so that the carpet is rigorously rinsed.
  6. Drying: Finally, it is time to make the pontoon boat and carpeting outside dry fully in the sunshine. If there is any stubborn moss spots still present, then you can spot clean them by mixing few drops of bleach with tap water in a spray bottle, however, this could fade or moderately damage the carpeting. After that, rinse well.
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