How To Get Bumps Out Of Area Rugs: Easy And Simple Ways To Get Bumps Out Of Area Rugs

Easy And Simple Ways To Get Bumps Out Of Area Rugs

Some of the common problems that can appear again & again on an area rug include wrinkles, bumps and dents, which can be annoying & irritating for you. Bumps usually occur due to the reason that the fibers and yarns of the foundation are stretched or bent. In order to get rid of the bumps & make your area rug lay flat, the fibers need to be relaxed and return to their natural shape. The user can try the below-mentioned ways to remove bumps & flatten out an area rug:

Steam Or Dampen The Edges

One of the common problems for rugs is curling or bumps. The user can easily deal with this situation by using steam or wet sponge. In order to proceed with the process, the user needs to try taking a steam cleaner or a wet sponge and then moistening the affected areas where the curling or bump is in its worst condition. The wet sponge will help the rug fibers to get loosen up which in turn enables them to lay flat, once the area is dried there should be some sort of improvement or your problem will be solved fully.

Iron Method

  • The first step is to take the wet towel and moisten the affected area.
  • After that, set the iron on the medium setting and apply the iron on the wet towel & then carefully hold and press the iron. This will help to flatten the affected area.
  • It is advisable not to keep the iron at the highest setting as it can make burn marks on the fibers of rug.

Use The Furniture

This is another simple method in which the user needs to lay the rug flat. Now take the furniture that is available & then place them around the corners or edges of the rug. The placement of furniture may not look best for a room but the user needs to remember that it's only temporary and will remove out the problem within a week or so. After the time has passed, then the user can remove the furniture to check out the results.

Use Heavy Weight Like Books

If in case the user does not want to use the furniture in the affected area, at that time they can go for heavy books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, phone books, etc. The heavy book will help to flatten the rug. Leave the books in place for about a week or two. Then remove the books from the rug after the time has passed and the rug should be flattened.

Reverse Roll The Rug

One of the easy methods to stop curling or bumps is to fold rug in the reverse direction and keep it in the same way for almost a week then unfold it to check out the results. If in case you hear any cracking sound at the time of rolling the rug, then you need to stop immediately in order to prevent damaging the rug, meaning the back of the rug is dry and may be decaying.

Rug Pad

In order to get rid of bumps, wrinkles, dents as well as curling, another best method is to use a high quality rug pad underneath your rug, which in turn will help prevent stretching and folding by keeping the rug in place.
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