How To Fix Pulls In Wool Rug: Step By Step Instructions To Remove Pulls Or Snags From Rug

Step By Step Instructions To Remove Pulls Or Snags From Wool Rug

Carpets or wool rugs that are affected by pulls or snags are unattractive & unsightly & the two main reasons of snags appearing on the wool rug include pet toenails and furniture moving. As soon as you notice pulls on your carpet or wool rug, you need to fix this problem as quickly as possible, keeping it their on the carpet for a longer period of time will make you feel irritating. Now, the question is: how to fix this problem? Don't worry as you are at the right place to fix the problem. You simply need to go through the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work. But make sure not to skip any step:
  1. Examine The Snag: First of all, inspect the snag or pull rigorously in order to determine their nature or condition. If in case the snag is less than 1/2-inch long, then cut it off with the help of a pair of scissors higher than the edge of the carpet. Push, fold or turn the cut ends persisting on the carpet back into the surrounding carpet fibers. Then, secure the ends with the help of a dab of glue from a hot glue gun.
  2. Longer Snags: When you are getting rid of longer snags, apply masking tape on both the sides of the snag in order to form a a long, narrow channel. This will be very helpful in keeping the glue away from other carpet fibers when you are repairing the snag problem. Eliminate the longer snag by trimming it away from the carpet at both the ends of the area that has been sealed off with the masking tape.
  3. Insert The Nozzle: After that, put the nozzle of a bottle of carpet adhesive into a long, narrow channel before placing an even bead of glue across the base of a long, narrow channel.
  4. Set The Snagged Fibers In Position: Now, it is time to set the snagged fibers back into a long, narrow channel. It will be very beneficial at the time of twisting the carpet fibers as you reset them. Set the snagged fibers back into place with the help of an awl shaped object. Push, fold or turn the ends into the edge of the carpet in order to make sure that they don’t snag again.
  5. Use Waxed Paper: Now, wrap the repaired area using a piece of waxed paper. Position a weight on top of the waxed paper as long as the repair dries. To get the best results, it is highly recommended to leave the weight in place for the whole night. Take off the weight and the waxed paper, which shouldn’t adhere to the glue. Rigorously, remove the masking tape as well.
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