How To Build A Wood Awning Frame: Easiest Procedure Of Building Wood Awning Frame

Easiest Procedure Of Building A Wood Awning Frame

Awnings, also known as the overhangs, can be either wooden or aluminum frames that are covered by fabric and can be secured to the outside of buildings. Awnings that are placed above the windows can help to reduce the energy costs by simply preventing the direct sunlight from entering the house. The easy method of building the awning frame is mentioned below:

Part 1: Choose The Location

It is important to observe where the sun contacts the house the most throughout the day in case the user is looking to reduce direct sunlight coming inside. The user also needs to figure out whether they want an awning to cover a backyard patio or doorway.

Part 2: Decide How Far The Awning Should Reach

Covering a window or doorway will need small awing than patio which will require a larger awning. While making an awning above a window, the user doesn't want to prevent all of the light but just the majority of the heat. Estimate the dimensions.

Part 3: Build The Frame

  1. Purchase 1 inch wide and 6 inches longboards to build the awning frame.
  2. Build a 2-dimensional square frame and then attach the equally sized square frame on it so that it will share a middle spine.
  3. Now the user needs to make the 2 identical 2-dimensional right triangle frames that should be attached to the ends of the square frame. This will make a 3-dimensional right triangle frame.
  4. From the middle spine attach a perpendicular board. This board will be attached to the house for support.
  5. For the strength and sturdiness affix the metal elbow joints on each angle on the frame. On the interior side of the frame place 3 metal brackets for attaching to the house.

Part 4: Cover The Frame With Fabric

Decide on what type, as well as the color of the fabric, is needed. Commonly used fabrics include canvas and vinyl.
Cut down the fabric in order to fit the frame. This will include measuring out the length as well as the width of the frame and hemming the fabric as needed. Pull the fabric tight enough and then nail it to the wood with the help of short roofing nails.

Part 5: Attach The Awning Frame

Hold down the frame to the house and then mark the holes for drilling purposes where the user wants to place brackets. For the best results drill 3 or more holes into the house. Secure the awning frame with screws.
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