How To Build An Awning Over A Door: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure And Items Required To Build An Awning Over A Door

The awnings are perfect to be used in the hot season and this protects the users from getting exposed to the hard sun rays. The awnings are affixed to the exterior windows or the doors of the house and the awnings can either be of the wood, vinyl, or the canvas materials. The users can easily build an awning over a door by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described procedure:

Materials Required

  • Pry Bar, Ladder, Hammer, Galvanized Roofing Nails
  • Galvanized Framing Nails, Carpenter's Level, Anchor Plate Or Bolt
  • Felt Paper, Asphalt Roof Shingles, Drip Edge
  • Circular Saw, Plywood, Concrete Mix


  • Prepare The Area: The awning usually extends up to one foot on each door side and should also be placed near about 3 feet above the surface of the door. The users first need to detach the siding by using the flat-headed pry bar and then pry down the siding gently as the users need to attach them back once they install the awning over the door.
  • Build The Frame: The users need to secure the level 2x4 sized board to one house side by affixing it directly with the frame by using the lag screws. The 2x4 sized board needs to be near about 12 inches higher then the trim of the door and the 2x4 sized board should also extend to near about twenty-four inches on the far door sides. The 2x4 sized board should get exactly centralized with the door ends equal from the center of the door.
  • Build The Awning: The users need to pick the two boards of the length 2x4 and then trim both of them as per the equal size as the actual piece they affixed to the door. Then they need to trim the edges of both the 2x4 sized board and then adjust them again over the house so that they will make the triangle shape with the real board. The triangle-shaped board should be near about 2 feet above from the center and then they need to fasten both the boards with the frame by using the lag screws respectively.
  • Assemble The Sawhorse: Then they need to assemble the sawhorse pair and then function both of them to craft the 2nd triangle as per the actual size dimensions of the already crafted triangle of the house. Then they need to affix the cleats of the plywood over one of the triangle sides so as to make it clasp together.
  • Assemble The Wood: The users need to make the plan how far they want their awning to get stuck above the door and then they need to trim down 3 wood pieces of the size 2x4 as most of the awnings built from the door usually gets stuck in between the 3 to 5 feet.
  • Raise The Frame: Then the users need to nail down the 3 boards with the triangle side by using the brace of the plywood and then they need to lift up the full-frame and then affix with the triangle connected with the house by using the impermanent wood braces so as to raise it upwards. The users are advised to make sure that the frame is on the exact level and they have secured up all the pieces in their exact place by using the decking screws or the galvanized nails.
  • Dig The Holes: Then the users need to excavate the 2 holes within the ground at each one of the overhanging edges and they need to dig up the hole to almost 2 feet deep. Both the dug holes need to have equal distance and should lie beneath the frame end.
  • Fill Up The Holes: The users then need to fill up the dug holes by using the concrete mixture and then they need to set upon the anchor plate or they can set the bolt over the top until the concrete mixture is wet. The users need to be assured that the bolt plate or the anchor plate should lie in the right place so that they can support the frame.
  • Trim The 4x4 Boards: Then the users need to trim the 4x4 sized board and then affix those trimmed pieces with the anchors and the users need to be assured that both of them are perpendicular in the direction and then affix them it with the awning frame by using the lag bolts.
  • Affix The Rafters And Fascia: The users need to install either 1 or 2 rafters on both the frame sides and then affix the 3 fascia pieces with the awning frame. For affix fascia, the users are advised to use the 1x6 sized pine board and then they need to fasten the trimmed fascia piece at the half-inch beneath the roofline of the awning.
  • Lay The Plywood Sheet: Then the users need to place the sheet of the plywood over the roof of the frame so that it will extend near about 1 inch at the front and at the sides. Then they need to fasten the dripped corner in the exact place and then affix the fabric or the canvas over the sheet of the plywood.
  • Affix The Shingles: Then they need to affix the shingles at the area from the base and then trim the shingle pieces and then affix the cap of the roof. The users then need to trim the 3 2x4 sized boards and then line up them apart and then fasten the trimmed pieces to the awning underside area. Then they need to finish off the ceiling of the awning by using the ceiling board.
  • Paint The Frame: The users need to paint down the entire frame of the awning before affixing the sliding back to its actual sides of the doors.
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