How To Age Wood With Vinegar: 4 Easy Steps

4 Easy Steps To Age Wood With Vinegar

In order to give the wood an aged look with vinegar, the user needs to follow the below steps:
  1. Gather Required Materials:
    The first step will be to gather all the required materials at one place such as white distilled vinegar, fine grade steel wool, a container, and a paintbrush.
  2. Prepare Stain:
    The next step will be to prepare a stain for which the user has to toss a few pieces of steel wool into the container. Then, the user needs to pour some white distilled vinegar into the container making sure that the vinegar will submerge the steel wool completely. After that, the user needs to put the top on container and shake it well before letting it sit for 24 hours. The user can also let it sit for more than 24 hours in order to give the wood a more aging look.
  3. Apply Stain:
    After 24 hours, the user needs to shake the container again and then apply stain on to the wood by using a paintbrush. It has been recommended by the experts to saturate the wood heavily in order to get better results. In case, the user wants to wipe the solution on to the wood surface, he will be unable to get the desired results because wipe on doesn't get the enough & required stain on to the wood surface.
  4. Let The Stain Dry:
    The last part of the process is to let the stain dry and age the wood surface. It has been recommended by the experts to wipe off the excess stain once the wood gets the desired age look. The user can also let the stain dry on its own to give the wood an extremely aged look.
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