Bentwood Rocking Chair Restoration: Steps To Repair

Steps To Repair/Restore Bentwood Rocking Chair

In bentwood rocking chairs the frame is likely durable. Most of the times the webbing seat need to be repaired. The steps are mentioned below that are required in order to restore the bentwood rocking chair:
  1. Remove The Spline: The first step is to remove the spline from the groove of the bentwood rocking chair that holds the webbing. Diluted vinegar is applied on the glued area that softens the glue around the spline, then chisel or an awl is used to remove the spline.
  2. Cut Out The Webbing: Next step is to cut the webbing from the seat with the help of beveled chisel. Carefully remove all the webbing from the grooves of the seat without damaging the wooden edges of the seat.
  3. Measure For Materials: The customer needs to measure the dimensions of the seat so that new webbing can perfectly fit on the chair. The webbing is available in different patterns and size. The customer should properly measure the dimensions of the grove so that the correct size of the spline can be determined.
  4. Refinishing The Frame: If the frame of the chair needs to be refinished then perform sanding on the surface of the chair in order to remove the scratches and make the surface fit to accept the finish. Then spray primer and apply paint on the chair.
  5. Install The Webbing: To install webbing on the chair the customer needs to immerse the sheet in hot water until it becomes flexible. Then install the wet webbing at particular positions and fit the webbing into the grooves. Use a utility knife to remove the extra webbing from the chair and apply glue on the webbing in the grooves.
  6. Add The Spline: Last step is to add the spline. Dip the spline in water for some time and insert the spline into the grooves.
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