Advantages Of Using Oak Wood: Pros And Cons

General Overview

Oak is the ideal wood for constructing different types of furniture products. Its rustic look and grain beauty makes it an ideal wood for furniture manufacturing. The wood comes with exceptional strength as well as the hardness. The wood offers over six hundred varieties and each of them is considered best for the carpentry and woodwork. The wood can be stained with ample options and is one f the most environment-friendly wood considered on the earth.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Oak Wood

Various pros and cons of oak wood are mentioned as below.

Pros/ Advantages

The various advantages/pros of using the Oakwood are mentioned below.
  1. Durability: The Oak is considered one of the most durable wood types.
  2. Rustic: The wood offers beautiful rustic wood to the entire interiors.
  3. Heavy Furniture: Due to its incredible strength and hardness it is widely preferred for the construction of the heavy furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, etc.
  4. Cost Effective: Since the wood is readily available it is cost-effective too.
  5. Staining And Varnishing: The wood adheres to stains and varnish well hence runs for long.
  6. Paneling/ Flooring: Its ultimate sturdiness makes it a superb choice for the paneling and flooring works.

Cons/ Disadvantages

The various Cons/ disadvantages of oak furniture are mentioned below.
  1. Heaviness: The wood is too much heavy to transport as well as for the room.
  2. Traditional Look: Does not suits many homes with the contemporary style.
  3. Blight: The wood is highly prone to the blight that means the chances of mold, mildew, rot or decay is more.
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