Walnut Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

Walnut wood, also known by the name of Juglans, is mostly used for making home wooden furniture items like dining table, chairs, sofas, and many more such furniture products. Nowadays walnut wooden items are very famous because of its looks and texture. Using walnut wood in the process of furniture manufacturing make the finish of the furniture item smooth and makes it look more beautiful. To maintain the beauty of the walnut wood furniture, it needs to be taken good care off and check the various benefits before using walnut wood on furniture.

Pros And Cons of Walnut Wood

The advantages and disadvantages of walnut wood are given below, read them carefully before buying walnut wooden items:


  1. Environmental & Eco-Friendly: The walnut wood has good balance of environmental and eco-friendly nature.
  2. Dyeing And Texture: Texture and dyeing in grain are very individual and lively.
  3. Durable Wood: The walnut wood is very durable and its lifespan is up to 150-400 years.
  4. Water And Mold Resistance: This type of wood is also resistant to mold and water.
  5. Installation: If the user is very much experienced than the installing process of walnut wood items are quite easy as compared to other woods.


  1. Cost: The walnut wood is so expensive as compared to other woods like oak wood and the Installation charges of walnut wood items is also very high.
  2. Difficult To Install: If the user is a beginner than the Installation of walnut wood will be more difficult.
  3. Scratches: This wood can easily get damaged or scratched by knife or with other sharp items. Take good care of walnut wood if the user wants to extend the life of walnut wood.
  4. Sealant: The user needs to apply new sealant on the surface of walnut wood after few years of its usage.
  5. Weight: The weight of walnut wood is also heavy and it is not easy to handle and to transport it from one place to another.
  6. Resistant: This wood is not moisture and weather resistant, So never leave the walnut wood items in open area for a long time.
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