Disadvantages Of Acacia Wood Furniture: General Overview, Pros And Cons

General Overview

Acacia wood makes one of the best alternatives to the expansive teak solid wood due to the fact that it does not shrink or bend and has a fine texture. Its durability and strength properties make it the ultimate choice for furniture and decorative woodwork. The wood is good for the construction of the indoor furniture products such as beds, dining tables, and sofa or chairs for living rooms due to its high water resistance and solid characteristic.
Is Acacia Good Choice For Outdoor Furniture?
Superb water resistance and durable properties of the wood makes it perfect for the outdoor furniture. If treated with a weather-proof finish, the furniture made up of Acacia wood can last for decades.
Is Acacia Wood Termite Resistant?
The heartwood is regarded as the termite resistant, the heartwood is also known as hardwood, it is the hardest and oldest central part of a tree. It has been proved that this part is pest-proof, this part of the wood is found in a number of the woods like Acacia. So this is the reason it is termite resistant.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Acacia Wood Furniture?


  • Lighter In Weight: Acacia wood furniture is lighter in weight than other solid hardwood furniture products.
  • Smooth Finish: Its products come with a smooth finish which make them a great choice for decorative craft.
  • Great Moisture Content: Its products have a great moisture content which makes them last for many upcoming years.
  • Strong: Acacia wood furniture products are naturally durable and reasonably strong.


  • Expensive: Acacia wood furniture products are expensive than the rest of other hardwoods.
  • Harder To Find: Its products are harder to find as it grows in natural habitats of Africa and Australia.
  • Swelling And Bulge: If it is left in rain or snow for many days, it can cause the swelling and bulge on the furniture item.
  • Many Defects: The acacia tree is shrubby with branches that are often twisted. Almost every piece of the acacia has knots, stains, color variations and other defects as well.
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