Acrylic And Lucite Furniture: Legs, Waterfall Coffee Table

Acrylic And Lucite Furniture is a type of furniture which is made from glass. There are a number of products available in the market in Acrylic And Lucite Furniture category and some of them are mentioned below:
  • Lucite Writing Desk.
  • Lucite Trousdale Coffee table.
  • Lucite Folding End table.
  • Annloraine Lucite Upholstered Dining Chair.

Acrylic Lucite Furniture Legs And Waterfall Coffee Table

Acrylic Lucite Furniture Legs
Acrylic Lucite Furniture Legs can be purchased separately from the market. At Amazon, the customer will get "4PC Set Lucite Acrylic Furniture Leg" and each piece can take weight up to 150 lbs. The dimensions of the leg are Height:5", Tapered appr. 2"-1.5"D, Top with 7/16" thick acrylic plate, 3/16" hole which can use it for Cabinets, Sofas, Entertainments Center and many other objects. In order to purchase Acrylic Lucite Furniture Legs, simply click Here.

Acrylic Furniture Lucite Waterfall Coffee Table
Acrylic Coffee Cocktail Waterfall Table Lucite: It is having a durable practical design. The dimensions of this item are 42 x 20 x 17 inches and the weight of this product is 42 pounds

The customer can get all the Waterfall Coffee Table at Amazon.
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