Acrylic Furniture Ikea: Chairs Collection & Acrylic Paint On Ikea Furniture

The Company namely IKEA is one of the world’s biggest retailer Company. All good quality home furnishing products are available in this Company at an affordable price. The Company provides electronic products, outdoor furniture, office furniture, lighting, decoration products, and much more. The Company also has acrylic furniture collection and most of their products are painted with acrylic paint.

Acrylic Chairs Collection IKEA

At IKEA, the customers can find a good collection of Acrylic chairs like:
Dining Chairs: The collection of dining chairs includes below-given products:
  • HENRIKSDAL: The legs of this chair are constructed of solid wood. It has a long cover which is washable. The customer feels relaxed and comfortable on this chair.
  • TOBIAS: This chair is a very beautiful transparent acrylic chair that mirrors its surrounding. It is a flexible chair which gives more comfort to the customer. This type of chair can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water and dry with clean cloth.

High Chairs: The high chairs collection includes:
  • ANTILOP: This type of chair is best suitable for the use of childrens. This chair is high and has a safety belt. This chair can be easily transported and disassembled.
  • BLAMES: This type of chair is safe for children and has a tray and a seat belt.

Junior Chairs
  • AGAM: This chair is made of beech plywood. Children upto three years or above can use this type of chair on dining table.
  • INGOLF: This type of junior chair is one of the comfortable chair which is made up of Solid rubberwood, and Fiberboard.

Acrylic Paint On IkEA Furniture

It is very easy to paint the IkEA furniture with acrylic paint, here are the steps:
  • SAND: Almost all the acrylic furniture has the laminate wax which should be properly sanded.
  • CLEAN: After sanding clean the surface with a dry cloth.
  • PRIME: Then use the good quality primer, this will help the paint to stick to the surface strongly, let it dry completely.
  • PAINT: Now paint the surface with acrylic paint, the acrylic paint will dry quickly so that multiple coats can be applied in a single day.
  • Seal: At last the most important part is sealing the paint with varnish.
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