Acrylic Furniture NYC: Overview, Address & Phone Number

General Overview, Address & Phone Number Of Acrylic Furniture NYC (New York City)

Plexi-Craft Quality Products Corporation is a furniture store where the customer can purchase all types of Acrylic Furniture in NYC. They carry a wide range of Tables, seating’s, Desks, and many other products made of Acrylic material. Apart from this, the customer can also customize their order from the store if the customer wants some unique design products in Acrylic material.
How Can I Remove Scratches From My Acrylic Furniture?
For removing small scratches from the acrylic furniture, the customer can use the Novus2 Or Novus3 cleaner on it and if the customer feels the scratches are deeper and they cannot be removed by cleaner, contact Plexi-Craft Quality Products Corporation and they will provide customers the detailed information.

Plexi-Craft Quality Products Corporation Contact Details
Address: 200 Lexington Ave #914, New York, NY 10016, USA
Phone Number: +1 212-924-3244
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