Acrylic Furniture Legs: Where To Buy Acrylic Legs On Wholesale In UK And Canada

Where To Buy Acrylic Furniture Legs On Wholesale In UK And Canada

Acrylic Furniture Legs In UK
Acrylic Furniture Legs are very much durable and strong to hold the weight of the furniture, they are water resistant unlike wooden legs which are not water resistant, and these legs will keep the sofa, cabinets, and other furniture items above from the floor to protect against damp. Customers from the UK can buy the acrylic furniture legs from a number of stores and if they want to purchase online then visit

Acrylic Furniture Legs In Canada
Almost everywhere in the world, the customer is replacing their traditional furniture legs with modern acrylic furniture legs, which are more beautiful, stable, strong, and sleek. The acrylic furniture legs are very easy to install as compared to traditional ones. They are mostly used for Entertainments Centers, Coffee Table, Cabinets, Vanity, etc. The customer from Canada can buy the acrylic legs from a number of stores or can Click Here.

Clear Acrylic Furniture Legs

Clear Acrylic Lucite is a four piece acrylic Lucite set. The size dimensions of this product are height: 5", Tapered approximately 2"-1.5"D, Top with 7/16" thick acrylic plate, 3/16" hole. This product can handle weight up to 150 lbs per leg. This product is modern, sleek, and beautiful. These types of legs can be used in cabinets, entertainment centers, and sofas. These legs are easy to install and are sold at an affordable price. The weight of this product is three pounds and its model number is 578A.

If the customers want to purchase the product then Click Here
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