How To Weave Wicker Furniture: Steps To Weave

The wicker furniture is an appropriate choice for indoor and outdoor furniture. Weaving the wicker furniture is an easy task and the users do not need an expert professional for performing this task. The users can themselves make an attractive and strong wicker chair.

Steps For How To Weave A Wicker Furniture

The steps are mentioned below for weaving the wicker furniture:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first step is to collect all the material and tools that are needed for weaving the wicker furniture like wicker material, rattan, screws of different length, tape measure, drill, paintbrush, stain, wax, nails, chair frame, and hammer.
  2. Lay The Primary Wicker Threads: Next step is to place the rattan strips on the chair frame and attach the strips with the frame along both sides by using nails. Make sure that the threads are spaced evenly and leave small gaps between the threads.
  3. Weave Perpendicular Threads: Now the next step is to weave the threads on the wicker furniture. Take the same sized thread and start to weave the thread perpendicularly on the previously installed thread and fix the end of threads by using nails. The aim is to keep the few spaces between the threads.
  4. Secure The Frame: After weaving the thread on the chair, check whether the thread is fixed properly with the frame and all the material pieces are tightly bonded with the chair.
  5. Stain And Treat The Wicker: Then take a paintbrush and start to stain the wicker furniture along with the threads. Then wait until the coat of stain dries and after drying apply another coat of stain.
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