How To Take Apart A Sleeper Sofa For Moving: 6 Easy Steps To Separate Sleeper Sofa

6 Easy Steps To Take Apart/Separate A Sleeper Sofa For Moving

If you have a sleeper sofa equipped and you need to move it from one place to another or you want to repair it then you need to disassemble or take apart the sleeper sofa first by yourself but remember this is not an easy task to do. However, the given steps can help you to perform this work easily. Just follow the given steps carefully to get the best result of your hard work. Here are the 6 easy steps to finish this task without wasting your time:
  • Step 1: The first thing is to get rid of all the cushions from your sleeper sofa and keep them aside. Also, remove other objects from your sofas such as throw blankets and pillows.
  • Step 2: After that you need to grasp the handle or strap that are connected to your sleeper sofa before pulling it up & out. Then unfold entirely in order to make it lay flat, exposing the mattress of your sleeper sofa.
  • Step 3: After pulling all the handles and straps now, remove the mattress from the sleeper sofa and set them aside. Fine the retaining screws or bolts which are securing the hinge arms to the inside of the sleeper sofa frame. There may be 4 to 6 bolts, with 2 to 3 on either side.
  • Step 4: Once found then fold the sleeper sofa back halfway so that the retaining screws or bolts are still visible but the sofa is not fully-extended.
  • Step 5: Retaining screws or bolts should be unfastened by using a socket, screw gun, and a wrench. Pull out the retaining screws or bolts very slowly, with your one hand while the other hand will support the sleeper sofa frame. You can also use pliers to successfully free any screws or bolts.
  • Step 6: Finally, pull out sleeper sofa frame from the cavity frame of your sleeper sofa and fold up entirely to make more clayey and easy to carry. After following all the previous steps, now you are able to move your sleeper sofa easily.
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