How To Restain A Chair: Steps & Items Needed To Restain A Wooden Chair

Steps & Items Needed To Restain A Wooden Chair

If in case you notice that the finish on your wooden chair has become outdated, worn as well as looks very dull and doesn't give the great impression when someone visits your home, then in this situation, the best solution is to apply a new stain and give your wooden chair new life and make it shiny again. Restaining is not a difficult task to perform as the beginners can also achieve the best results if they perform it themselves. To start the restaining process, you first need to collect certain items that are required to perform this task & then go through the given steps carefully:

Items Needed

  • Drop Cloth, Rubber Gloves & Goggles
  • Commercial Furniture Stripper
  • 2-Inch Brush, Putty Knife & Medium Grit Sandpaper
  • Spray Bottle, Fine Grit Sandpaper & Tack Cloth
  • Commercial Prestain Wood Conditioner
  • Foam Brush & Water-Based Stain
  • Soft Cloth & Polyurethane Varnish


  • First of all, make sure you start the work in a well-ventilated area & the area should be clean as well as dust-free. Then position your wooden chair on a drop cloth.
  • Now, safety comes first, so use the rubber gloves & goggles to make sure you are absolutely safe. Rub the commercial stripper onto a small segment at the top of the wooden chair in order to soften the old, colored varnish. Give it at least 20 minutes to sit & the time is usually recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Next, with the help of a putty knife, eliminate the softened varnish. Make sure to apply the pressure very smoothly in order to avoid the wood from getting damaged.
  • Then, perform the steps 2 & 3 again unless & until the entire chair is free from the colored finish. Work on one segment at one time in order to make sure that the stripper doesn't dry.
  • After that, starting sanding the wooden chair with the help of medium-grit sandpaper, in order to smoothen the imperfections. While performing the sanding process, the direction should be along the wood grain.
  • Next, smoothly squirt your wooden chair with water to lift the grain. With the help of fine-grit sandpaper, sand it & make it very smooth. Cleanse the surface of the chair with the help of a tack cloth.
  • Now, taking the help of a brush, spread commercial prestain wood conditioner. This will behave as a primer to make sure an even color when the stain is applied. Give it some time to dry completely according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Rub the stain moving forward in the grain direction, starting from the top & going all the way towards the base of the chair. Make the chair to dry wholly & the recommended time is mentioned by the manufacturer. Eliminate the surplus with a soft, clean cloth. Apply extra coats of stain until you are satisfied with the depth of the color.
  • Finally, with the help of a foam brush, spread a thin coat of polyurethane varnish. Use long, moderately interweaving strokes following the grain. Start from the top towards the base of the chair. Give the varnish at least 24 hours to harden before using the chair.
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