How To Repair Surface Scratches On Wood Furniture: Steps

General Overview

Wood furniture makes our interiors and exteriors beautiful and attractive. The furniture provides a noble touch to the entire surroundings but is prone to scratches. It is possible to repair the minor wood furniture scratches yourself using simple techniques but if the scratches are major or affected the antique wood furniture then professional consultations is a must to make them look beautiful again.

What Steps Are Required To Remove Wood Furniture Scratches?

The simple and the easiest way to remove the scratches from the wood furniture are as follows:
  1. For Waxed Surfaces: The scratches from the waxed surfaces are much to remove from the unwaxed surfaces. All is needed to apply the paste wax over the scratch affected area and buff the entire area to make it scratch less and shiny.
  2. Lemon Juice And Oil: Mix the oil and lemon juice in a bowl and apply the blend over the scratches using a lint-free cloth. Rub continuously until the scratches are disappeared.

Alternate Methods To Repair Wooden Furniture Scratches

  1. With Coffee: Prepare the strong coffee and apply the same over the scratch using cotton. This will darken the scratch and make it look disappeared.
  2. Matching Shoe Polish: Another way to make scratches disappear is to apply the matching color shoe polish over the affected area.
  3. Crayon Wax: Apply the matching color crayon wax pencil over the scratches. Take the wax pencil and drop it into boiling water in order to melt its wax. Apply the melted wax over the scratched surface to make them disappear.
  4. Walnut: Other best way to make scratches disappear is to rub the walnut kernel over the affected area and rub it using a soft towel.
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