How To Touch Up Wood Floors: 4 Easy Methods

To fix the damaged hardwood floor is an easy task. The only thing which the user needs to know is what sort of finish it has. It is very simple to find out, simply wipe the Wood floor in an inconspicuous/Hidden spot with an acetone-based, nail-polish remover. If it is Wax, shellac or varnish finishes then it will come up, but in the case of polyurethane, it won't. There are a number of ways In order to touch up the furniture for different scratches.

Methods To Touch Up Wood Floors

Follow the below-given methods in order to Touch Up Wood Floors:
  1. Clean: One of the ways is to Clean the affected area to remove all the dust, grime, etc. The inside of the affected area must be free from the dust. In case the wood floor has a wax layer then that layer needs to be removed with the help of the wax remover solution.
  2. Small Scratches: If the scratch is small then Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a cup, and carefully dab the mixture into the scratch. Leave it for almost a day then rub.
  3. Darken The Scratch: The other method to touch up the wood floor is darken the Scratch, the Blending pencils are designed in a way to fill in wood scratches but the one appears as light colored marks on the floor. Pick the color that matches the floor.
  4. Medium Scratches: In case of the Medium Scratches, the user needs to refinish the scratched area only and does not need to repair the entire floor.
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