How To Remove Solid Stain From Wood Deck: 3 Easy Steps

What Are The Steps to Remove Solid Stain from Wood Deck?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Remove the Solid Stain From their Wood Deck:
  1. Apply Deck Stripper: The customers need to start by simply Applying the Deck Stripper all over the surface of the wood deck because the wood stripper helps in detaching all the old finish from the surface of the wood. The customers should only use the oil or water build strippers as both are quite simple to use and also give effective results as well.
  2. Use A Power Washer: The customers then need to use a power washer in order to clean all hidden dust, grease and debris particles from the wood deck. The power washer will also help the customers in detaching the iron and other hard stains as well. The customers can also use a soft brush and rub it over the stained area in order to detach all the stains. The customers then need to wash the deck by using clean water and then allow the wood deck to dry completely before applying the stain on it.
  3. Apply The Stain: Once the wood deck is completely dried the customers then need to re-apply the wood stain by using a nylon brush or by simply using the paint roller all over the corners and the edges of the wood deck. The customers then need to let the wood deck dry completely before using it.
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