How To Redo Stairs From Carpet To Wood: Easy Process Of Converting Stairs From Carpet To Wood

Easy Process Of Converting Stairs From Carpet To Wood

Converting the stairs from carpet to wood is an easy process provided you follow the correct technique & use the right tools & materials. Wooden stairs will make your interior portion of your home look beautiful & attractive. Before starting the process, you first need to collect the tools & materials required for the process & then go through the step by step instructions carefully:

Tools & Materials Required

  • Utility Knife & Pry Bar
  • Pliers & Jigsaw
  • Tape Measure & OSB
  • Construction Adhesive & Nails
  • Work Gloves & Stain

Step 1: Remove Carpet

First of all, prep the stairs by getting rid of the carpet with the help of a utility knife and a pry bar. If in case you have existing hardwoods under the carpet, at that time cut the carpet with utmost care, due to the reason that the hardwoods should not get damaged.

Step 2: Remove Staples, Nails Or Tack Strips

After taking off the carpet, it is time to eliminate the carpet pad. With the help of pliers and a pry bar, you need to pull up any nails, tacks as well as tack strips.

Step 3: Cut Existing Nosing

If in case the subfloor is damaged, then you simply need to replace it. In the case of the subfloor not getting damaged, start by trimming any nosing off in order to make sure that you have a flat profile through the front riser. This will help install the new pieces smoothly.

Step 4: Measure Stairs

Now, it is time to measure the stairs for the purpose of installing the hardwoods, make sure to measure the stairs in order to get the cut lengths together.

Step 5: Cut Riser Pieces

With the help of a table saw, cut or trim the riser pieces to the accurate size. Attach the risers using the construction adhesive. It is not necessary to use the nails, due to the reason that the risers don't get any pressure on them, however, it can be used if you'd like.

Step 6: Cut Tread Caps

Next, start prep the tread caps. Tread caps have a lip on the front, trim them to size and attach using construction adhesive. Nail the corners in order to make sure that the tread caps won't move.

Step 7: Attach Edge Molding

These treads come along with edge molding, which is attached with the help of adhesive and a nail gun for a pretty, clean look around the sides.

Step 8: Measure Tread Size

Replacing the tread piece completely with a hardwood border is the another best option. To do that, you simply need to measure the tread size, trim the tread and then attach it. If you want, you can also round over a piece of wood. Attach that piece using construction adhesive and nails as well.

Step 9: Stain Your Stairs

Stain as well as clear coat your stairs in order to give them long-lasting appeal. If in case there were existing hardwoods below the carpet, sand them before re-staining. With the help of a foam brush, apply the stain, and clean with a lint-free cloth. As soon as it dries, apply two more coats of clear coat. Go through the instructions carefully when it comes to dry time.
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