How To Make Your Own Picture Frames From Wood: Step By Step Guide Of Making Picture Frames From Wood

Step By Step Guide Of Making Your Own Picture Frames From Wood

The picture frames are the most attractive piece for capturing pictures or photos. The users can easily make their own picture frame by using the right tools and then following the right techniques. The users need to assemble down the cardboard mat, metal slides for making the frame outline, and at last, they need to use the plexiglass or the normal glass so as to cover up the picture. If desired the users can easily personalize their wood picture frame with the ornamented elements. The users can easily make their own picture frame at home by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step I: Matting The Picture Frame

  • Calculate The Measurements: Start by calculating the measurements of the mat. The mat is defined as the paper or the cardboard border that usually goes all around the inner side of the picture frame. By using the mat the users can easily make their picture and the frame to appear more finished and astonishing as well. The mat will also make it easier for users to see the inner picture area. Before calculating the measurements of the mat, the users need to find out how wide they want their mat to be.
  • Calculate The Picture Measurements: Once the users decided the width of their mat they need to calculate the measurements of their picture as well. They need to double the width of the mat and add this measurement to the width and the length of the picture and the final calculations will become the width and the length of the exterior mat corners.
  • Trim The Exterior Mat Edge: Then trim the exterior mat edges. Once the users marked all the measurements of the mat then they need to trim it off by using the sharp scissors or the knife.
  • Trim Interior Mat Area: Trim the mat interior and make sure that the inner mat area should be smaller or equal than the photo that the users are going to hang. At the mat backside, they need to draw the calculated measurements of the actual photo and then minimize the little amount within the actual calculations if in case they want their mat to flap the image. Then trim off the material by using the right tools.
  • Place The Image: Then place the image within the mat and to do so they need to place the mat backside & facing in the downwards direction and the photo in the same manner and then center it within the square. Then they need to tape down the uppermost edges vertically and then position the tape horizontally above the vertically placed tape.

Step II: Make The Wood Frame

  • Collect The Material: Start by gathering the materials that will help the users in accomplishing the task like wood, nails, glue, and metals.
  • Calculate The Wood Size: The users need to calculate the size dimensions of the wood frame. Once they calculated the measurements they need to trim off the frame. After trimming the pieces the users will get 2 pieces trimmed as per the length calculations and the 2 pieces that are trimmed as per the width calculations. They need to use the miter saw for the trimming purpose.
  • Trim The Frame Rebate: The users then need to trim the rebate frame. The rebate is defined as the inner frame lip that will make the glass not to fall from the opening.
  • Color The Frame: If desired the users can color their frame as per their matching room decor so that their wood frame will match perfectly with the room. They need to stain their frame before placing the mat and glass.
  • Assemble The Wooden Pieces: Then they need to assemble their wood pieces in a way to form the square shape. They need to glue down the frame pieces by using the clamps they need to keep those pieces in place. Once the glue is dried off completely they need to hammer the nails on each of the frame corners. Then to fill up any gaps the users are advised to use the wood filler material.
  • Insert The Glass And Image: Finally the users need to place the glass within the frame and they are advised to either use the clear or the plexiglass. Then at last they need to place their image within the frame accordingly.
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