How To Make A Futon Taller: 4 Easy Ways To Raise The Height Of Futon

4 Easy Ways To Raise The Height Of A Futon

Most of the futons appear to drop their back end directly over the floor and then getting upwards will become more annoying and uncomfortable as well. The ideal height of the futon seat should be less than about 17 inches. If in case the users are living up in a very small area where they are having the dining table as a part of their living room and the users want to increase their futon upwards over the ideal height so that it can be used at the table. There are so many options by which the users can easily make their futon taller and some among them are described as follows:

Way 1: Adding Different Legs

Most of the futons are having the same kind of the legs that is the short peg with the half-inch sized bolt that spreads within the top. The users need to flip their futon towards its upside-down area and then they need to unfasten the legs with the hands and then detach it. Then they need to use the taller legs and then affix it back to the futon. The users can easily purchase the taller legs at their nearby furniture store.

Way 2: Making Their Own

If in case the users are having the futon that is having the removable legs then they need to unfasten them within the futon base by using the hands. Then calculate the width of the leg bolt that extends within the leg top. The users need to buy 4 carriage bolts and the carriage bolt is having the long shaft and the square-shaped shoulders that prevent it from getting twisted within the wood. Then they need to drill a hole within the blocks and then they need to bolt down the block of scraps within the futon base by using the T-shaped nuts. The users are advised to add more blocks as required by the carriage bolts. Then they need to sand down the block by using the fine-grit sandpaper and keep on sanding them till they won't get a smooth finish. Then they need to paint them by using the paint marker and then they need to tap down the floor glides within each new leg base by using the hammer.

Way 3: Drilling The Hole

The users can also use the simple 4/4 inch sized blocks for lifting up the futon. They need to trim them near about six inches long and then insert the hole saw within the drill or driver. The users are advised that the hole saw they are using needs be very large then the leg width where it gets in contact with the floor. Then they need to drill the hole near about one inch deep centralized in the 4/4. The blocks require to be in the horizontal way when the users have drilled it and then they need to sand and paint the 4/4 sized blocks. Then the users require to lift their futon and then add the blocks beneath the legs. The leg base will easily fit with the drilled hole so as to keep everything secure. These blocks are removable and can be detached easily when so ever uses won't require their need. In case the users want a small lift then they need to use the 2/4 sized blocks.

Way 4: Casters

The users can easily gain mobility and the height at the exact time by simply using the casters. Most of the casters are 4-inch tall and even some are taller than that. Most of the casters are also having the locks that prevent them from getting moved. The users need to detach the pre-existing legs and then screw down the 2/4 sized blocks at the base edges of the futon. Then screw down the casters directly with the blocks. The users can easily purchase different styled casters at their nearby hardware store.
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