How To Build A Wooden Bed Frame: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Build A Wooden Bed Frame

If you want to build a wooden bed frame by yourself but you don't know how to do it then don't worry because here we present some easy steps to build a wooden bed frame. You just need to gather some required items before going through all the given steps for this process. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Items Needed

  • Two Pieces Of 85" 2x4 (Wood)
  • Five Pieces Of 67" 2x4
  • Eight Pieces Of 19 3/8 2x4
  • Two Pieces Of 75" 2x12
  • Four Pieces Of 57" 2x12
  • Saw, Drill & Sandpaper
  • Wood Stain(Optional)

Steps For This Process

  • Gather Materials And Supplies: First gather the items mentioned above. You will also need a circular saw and a number of basic L brackets, 3" decking screws, some MDF or you can also use plywood, and then several cuts of lumber.
  • Create Your Base Frame: By using the standard butt joints & your decking screws, join together the 75" 2x12s and two of the 57" 2x12s into a 60"x75" box.
  • Add The Base Bracers: Slide in the unexhausted 57" 2x12s, space your box into thirds, and then you need to use your decking screws to screw your bracers into place. Set aside your completed base.
  • Create Your Platform Frame: By using the standard butt joints, also use your decking screws to join together the 85" 2x4s and two of the 67" 2x4s into a 70"x85" box.
  • Add Your Platform Bracers: Slide in the unexhausted 67" 2x4s, space your box into 4 sections and then you need to use your decking screws to screw your bracers into place.
  • Add Your Platform Supports: You will now add the 19 3/8" 2x4s betwixt your bracers, two to a section. Space them constantly but stagger them, so that the leftmost and 2nd rightmost sections have your supports at the same level and the rightmost and second leftmost have the supports at the same level. Attach these with decking screws as well.
  • Reinforce The Joints & Corners: Now you need to reinforce your inside corners of both the base and platform with L brackets. You can also add L brackets around some of your other interior joints as well for added strength.
  • Add Your Plywood Surface: Cut & trace plywood to fit the surface of your platform. This will likely take two pieces of plywood to cover. Attach your plywood with decking screws to your inside bracers, such that the screws which won't show on your exposed platform.
  • Paint Your Bed: Sand your wood and then paint or stain the bed to the desired color.
  • Done: Arrange your platform on top of your base in your final location. You can now attach your platform to your base with a few strategically placed L brackets if desired. Just top with the mattress of full or queen size mattress.
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