How To Make A Cushion Cover Without A Zip: Easy Steps

Easy Steps To Make Cushion Cover Without A Zip

The cushion cover is made for protecting the cushions from stains, dust, litter, and tearing. Sometimes the hair sticks in the zip of cushion cover so there is an option to keep the cushions safe from getting stained or damaged without the zip cushion cover. So follow the given steps carefully to make a cushion cover without a zip.
  1. Wash And Iron: The first step to make a cushion cover is to wash and iron the fabric which the user has selected.
  2. Measure: Then measure fabric in square and keep 2 inches extra on all the corners. For example, if the size of the cushion is 15 inches then all corners will be 17 inches.
  3. Cut: Cut the fabric but remember to cut it in a rectangle shape and with the same width as the square fabric. Now Cut another rectangle this time the size of the cut fabric is two-thirds of the width.
  4. Folding: Fold all the sides of the fabric with quarter inches.
  5. Iron: Do ironing on all the sides of the fabric carefully before sewing.
  6. Sew: Now sew fabric sides with a thin needle. Sew the fabric 2 times in order to make the cover durable. Now make all the cut parts of fabric into 1 part of cushion cover.
  7. Corners: After sewing the cover cut all the remaining fabric on the sides of the cover and apply the cover on the cushions.
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