Disadvantages Of Hickory Flooring: Pros & Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hickory Flooring


  1. Sturdy And Durable: Hickory is best suitable for high traffic areas due to its long-lasting durability and strong wood material.
  2. Accepts Wood Stains Well: While installing the hickory flooring wood stain can be applied on the hickory wood floor to improve the look of the floor without any extra effort.
  3. Eco-friendly: The hickory wood flooring is environment friendly and does not cause any harm effect on the environment.


The disadvantages of hickory flooring are mentioned below:
  1. Not Best To Pick Bold Color: Sometimes designers suggest to choose the dark and bold color for the decoration of the floor and hickory does not provide such option to its customers for selecting the dark and bold color floor.
  2. Hard To Maintain: It is very difficult to maintain the hickory flooring as compared to concrete flooring.
  3. Difficult To Install: Hickory flooring is not easy to install. For its installation, special tools and saws are required in order to cut the flooring. So, professionals are recommended for the installation of the hickory flooring.
  4. Not Resistant: The hickory flooring is not suitable for damp areas as it does not resist water and mold on the floor surface.
  5. Prone To Warping: Due to the quick installation the hickory floorboards are not allowed to adjust with the environment and thus these boards may twist.
  6. Expensive: If the customer selects the pre-stained hickory wood it can be costly and then for installing the hickory wood professional is required which results in additional cost, thus hickory becomes expensive at certain time.
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