How To Make A Corner Cabinet: Steps To Make

Corner cabinets are used for storing different items in any room. The shape of the corner cabinets is triangular.

Steps For How To Make A Corner Cabinet

The steps are mentioned below for making the corner cabinet:
  1. Material Required: Firstly, the users need to gather all the materials like scissors, hammer, wood, tape measure, handsaw, wood screws, stain, anchor bolts, nails, various sandpapers, electric drill, table saw, pencil, and paper.
  2. Design A Layout: Next step, is to take a paper and pencil and draw a layout for the corner cabinet and determine the type of wood to be used for the construction of the corner cabinet.
  3. Measure The Dimensions: Now measure the dimensions for the top, bottom, and sides of the corner cabinet with the help of measuring tape.
  4. Cut The Wood: Then use a circular saw or table saw to cut the different pieces for corner cabinet like for top, bottom, sides, and shelves.
  5. Attach Side Pieces: Now put the smaller side piece of corner cabinet on the floor and place the edge of the wider piece on the edge of the smaller piece. The users need to be sure that the edges match with one another and then fix the side pieces with the help of screws, without damaging the side pieces.
  6. Attach Top And Bottom: Next step is to fix the top and bottom pieces at their appropriate positions. Place the top piece at the upper side of the side pieces, align the edges correctly and fix the top piece with the side pieces by using nails. Repeat the same for fixing the bottom piece with the sides.
  7. Mark The Place For Shelves: Then mark the spots on the different locations of cabinets for placing the shelves.
  8. Drill Holes: Then take an electric drill and make holes at the marked locations. Then attach shelves and fix them using nails.
  9. Sand The Cabinet: Take rough-grit sandpaper and sand the entire surface of the corner cabinet. For smooth finish use fine-grit sandpaper.
  10. Apply Stain: Now apply stain on the cabinet surface with the help of a rag. The number of coats to be applied on to the cabinet depends on the need of the user and let the stain to dry after each coat.
  11. Attach Cabinet To Wall: The last step is to fix the corner cabinet on to the wall with the help of anchor bolts.
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