How To Insulate A Wooden Garage Door: 5 Easy Steps Of Insulating Wooden Garage Door

5 Easy Steps Of Insulating A Wooden Garage Door

An uninsulated wooden garage door allows the cold air into the garage during the winter season and will also trap down warm air inside during the summer. Wooden garage door insulation makes it more easy and comfortable to work in the garage all around the year. Besides that, the insulation also helps to block some sounds from outdoors. For the insulation of a wooden door simply purchase solid and foil-lined insulation and then install it at less cost. It is important to note that lightweight insulation will not affect the operation of the wooden door’s opener.
  1. Measurement: The first step is to take a measurement of the individual recessed portions of the wooden garage door. After that cut out the 1/2-inch foil-lined foam insulation to fit into each of the recessed areas, with the help of a utility knife.
  2. Construction Adhesive: After the foam is cut then the next step is to dab the best quality construction adhesive from a caulking gun right onto the recessed panels. Press down the individual pieces of the insulation in their place's but keep the foil face inside the garage.
  3. Horizontal Door Panels: Now in this step it is time to measure the length as well as the height of the horizontal door panels. Minus about 1/2 inch to allow a 1/2-inch gap between door sections and that will also allow the wooden door to move freely as it raises and lowers. Apply the exact measurements to the piece foam that covers out the individual sections as this will help to give the door even more good insulation.
  4. Cut The Horizontal Panels: After the measurement's are done then cut the horizontal panels to fit. Also, trim out the insulation in places where it will come in contact with the hinges of the wooden doors.
  5. Apply Construction Adhesive: To the wooden sections of the door apply the construction adhesive, again with the caulking gun. Attach the foil sheets but with the foil facing inside the garage. Secure down the insulation permanently to the wooden garage door with the help of the nails that are designed for use in insulation. These nails often come with a thin, and wide washer that are surrounding to them.

Important Tip

At last, complete the insulation process simply by adding weather seal on all over the door’s edges and the weather stripping beneath it.
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