How To Identify Teak Wood: Ways To Identify

Teak wood is extremely durable and water-resistant hardwood material that is best suitable for making the outdoor furniture products.

Different Ways To Identify The Teak Wood

The users can follow the below-given different ways to identify the teak wood:

Checking Physical Characteristics

  1. Color: The color of the wood helps the users to identify the correct teak wood. Depending on the type of wood species the teak wood may occur in various colors. The color of teak ranges from the yellowish-white to dark golden-brown.
  2. Wood Is Stained: Some teak stores may carry the stained wood and the staining hides the original color of the wood. Thus the users need to be sure that the wood is stained or not.
  3. Look For A Straight Grain: Another way to identify the teak wood is looking for straight grains on the teak wood. If the grain lines on the wood are not straight than identify the teak wood by using some other features.

Smelling And Weighing The Wood

  1. Smell Of Wood: Teak wood can be identified by its smell. If the wood smells like leather then it is considered as pure teak wood.
  2. Weight Of Wood: Another measure for identifying the teak wood is its weight. If the wood is dense and quite heavy then it is the real teak wood.
  3. Check Characteristics Of The Wood: While purchasing the teak wood the users need to take in consideration all the characteristics like grain, stain, smell, etc.
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