How To Fix Sagging Couch Back Cushions: Methods To Fix Sagging Couch Back Cushions

Methods To Fix Sagging Couch Back Cushions

There are a number of methods to fix the sagging Couch Back Cushions and the methods are mentioned below:

Re-Stuffing The Cushions

  1. Unzip: Simply unzip the cushions, in case there is no zip then open the cushion with help of the thread cutter but most of the cushions have the zips.
  2. Stuffing: Now add the stuffing to the cushion, use either quilt batting or polyester fiberfill.
  3. Zip: Then zip the cushions again, before placing them. Its better to give them a fluf, for the cushions that were opened with the thread cutter sew them back.

Cinching Cushions With Buttons

  1. Remove: First of all unzip the cushions, and remove all the stuffing from the inside of the cushions, keep and set it aside.
  2. Buttons: Now sew the four buttons on the cushion cover 2 to front and 2 to back side, and use the same thread piece to sew all buttons, the user can use more buttons depending on the size of the cushions.
  3. Refill: Now simply refill the pillows, if desired add more filling, however make sure that the padding is evenly distributed.
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