How To Fluff Couch Seat Cushions: 5 Easy Steps

Steps To Fluff Couch Seat Cushions

The fluffing couch seat cushions make the cushions look good and feel better. The steps are given below to fluff the couch seat cushions:
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove the separate cushions from the couch and set them on one side.
  2. Smooth Tapping: Next step is to achieve fluffing by smoothly tapping the attached cushions from the bottom to top direction.
  3. Hold The Cushion: Then hold the cushion in hand and away from the body, hit the cushion with bare hands repeatedly for few minutes until the cushion fluffs.
  4. Turn: Turn the cushion and fluff it in all four directions by beating with the hand.
  5. Place The Cushions Back: At last, when the fluffing is finished place the cushions back on the couch.
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