How To Fix Peeling Laminate Furniture: Steps To Repair Chipped Laminate Furniture

Steps To Fix/Repair Chipped Peeling Laminate Furniture

The laminate furniture should be repaired at the beginning of the peeling process. In case the customer notices the corner of dresser or desk or any other furniture started to peel, then acting immediately can prevent the peeling from becoming worse. The peeling can be of many types and every type has a different approach of fixing and some fixing methods are mentioned below:

Minor Repair

  1. Superglue Or Epoxy Glue: These glues works best on the peeled area, simply adhere the peeled portion on the particle board on the rests under the peeled area.
  2. Apply: Carefully apply the glue with the help of the toothpick on the affected area, then press the laminate on the right area simply reattaching it to its base wood.

Major Reattaching

If the laminate is peeling around the edges besides that it also started to bubble up in the center of furniture, then follow the below-given steps.
  1. Heat Gun: The heat gun or the hair dryer is the best option for this, simply place the heat gun to the affected area, after that heat the area by moving the heat gun in the back and forth motion to prevent any kind of the scorching.
  2. Press: Carefully press the affected or bubbled area firmly with the hands wearing the gloves.
  3. Rag: The next step is to place a rag on the affected area and place some heavy bricks or any other weighty objects so that the section holds the place as it cools.
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