How To Fix Bed Frame: Steps To Fix

Due to the regular use of the bed the frame of the bed gets damaged and causes cracks, splits, and loosen joints. It is important to fix the damage for the long-lasting durability of the bed frame.

Steps To Fix The Bed Frame

Cracks And Splits

Cracks may occur in the bed frame if the bed frame is not having suitable support. Splits occur horizontally along the grain lines. To repair the cracks and splits in the bed frame the users need to follow the below-given steps:
  1. Strip The Bed: First step is to take away the box spring and mattress from the bed and allow the slats to sit at their appropriate position.
  2. Pry The Split Open: Next step is to put the screwdriver into the cracked area of the frame and moderately open the crack. Take a utility knife and remove the splinters in the cracked area.
  3. Add Glue: Now take a putty knife and with the help of its blade put the glue into the cracked area and spread the glue in the area.
  4. Add Clamps: Then put bar clamps across the cracked area of the frame and tighten the clamps until the glue seeps out from the crack.
  5. Reinforce The Joint: Cut the plywood strip according to the dimensions of the split by using a miter saw or table saw.
  6. Drill Holes: Take a drill machine and drill the holes in the scrap wood piece.
  7. Glue And Screw: Last step is to take the scrap plywood piece and apply wood glue on its one side and then set the plywood on the split area. Insert screws into the drilled holes to secure the frame and leave it to dry.

Bad Joints

The bed frame may contain the tenon and mortise joint with metal brackets, and with time these joints may loosen and need to get fixed. Follow the steps given below to fix the bad joints:
  1. Remove The Brackets: Take away the screws from each corner that hold the brackets with the frame.
  2. Disassemble And Clean: After removing the screws, check the disassembled joints and place them with each other properly by using a rubber mallet. Then clean the dried glue if any, with the help of chisel.
  3. Add Wood Tape: If the tenon joint is not in proper shape then use the wood tape on each side of the tenon joint. Cut the wood tape with scissor and apply on the tenon joint.
  4. Glue And Reassemble: Apply the glue on the area where the tenon joint is to be placed and rearrange the frame.
  5. Install The Brackets: Place the brackets at another position so that the existing holes do not match with old holes and secure the brackets by inserting screws in the holes.
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