How To Whitewash Wood With Color: 5 Easy Steps & Items Needed

General Overview

Whitewashing is regarded as one of the best painting methods that acknowledges you to apply sheer color over bare wood. Before commencing the process of whitewashing your wood, you need to make sure that the wood you are working with is as naked as possible. Before the painting process, it may be necessary to perform the sanding process on the wood.
What Kind Of Paint Do I Use For Whitewashing?
Any water-based paint will be the best option when it comes to the process of whitewashing, but if in case you have to whitewash the furniture, then latex paint with a satin finish is mostly recommended. This is a similar type of paint that you use to paint the walls of the interior of your house, and it is multicolored.
Which Colors Work With Whitewashing?
White is considered as one of the conventional colors to work with when it comes to whitewashing a wood. However, you can also perform a whitewashing process with any other color of the paint of your own preference. Bright colors will give you a perfect effect, as compared to whites, and light-colored, which will provide a little more obscurity. Dark colors require to be sprinkled down very well so that it will achieve the desired effect. You can try out with numerous colors on various projects in order to get a feel for how each color performs.

5 Easy Steps & Items Needed For Whitewashing Wood

In order to perform whitewashing on wood with different colors, you first need to collect some of the items required for the process & then go through the simple steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Items Needed

  • Water-Based Paint
  • Water
  • A Container And Stick
  • A Clean Rag
  • Drop Cloths Or Tarps


  1. First of all, you need to ensure that the place of the painting is completely naked, in other words, the surface should be free of paint or stain as well as it should be clean, meaning it should be free of dust or dirt.
  2. Now, commence with a proportion of about half water and half paint. After that, blend this proportion very well, & make sure to break up any clumps.
  3. Next, paint a small wood piece first in order to test whether it works fine or not if you have one available. It's extremely important to check out the color after it has been sprinkled down. In order to get the perfect appearance, it may be necessary to add more paint or more water.
  4. Fold the rag over, pushing it into a little knob. Soak the knob into the paint, then rub it over the surface of the wood. For a more disintegrated look, rub small amounts of paint onto the wood, but make sure to follow the grain. For a well-concerned look, rub a good amount of paint onto the wood, painting in slow circles.
  5. Finally, you need to allow the first coat to dry completely, before going back over the wood with a second coat if in case you want the color to be deeper or cover more rigorously.
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