How To Remove Pine Needle Tannin Stain From A Wood Deck: Step By Step Process To Get Rid Of Pine Needle Tannin Stain

General Overview About Tannin Staining

Tannin stain is usually considered as a Tan or brownish type of stain on the paint surface. Tannins generally have objective reality or being in many kinds of wood, most probably cedar and redwood, that can ooze or drain through to the surface, leftover a yellowish-brown stain on the surface. These stains are mostly noticeable in lighter paint colors.
  • Failure to sufficiently prime as well as seal the surface before painting.
  • You may be using a tannin-stain-resistant primer.
  • Overabundance of humidity or other dampness-related issues that can make tannins stand up to the paint surface.

  • Locate as well as correct any moisture or dampness-related sources.
  • Get rid of all the loose paint with the help of a scraper or wire brush.
  • Get rid of the stains with the help of oxalic acid or an oxalic-based solution.
  • Rinse & clean the stains with the help of a pressure washer.
  • Give the surface nearly 48 hours to dry rigorously which is totally dependent on the existing weather conditions.
  • Prime the stained area using a top-quality, stain-blocking wood primer.
  • As far as critical stains are concerned, spread two coats of primer. Always make sure to prime edges as well as the ends of shingles. If possible, prime the backs of shingles before the installation process.
  • Repaint with the help of high-quality paint.

Step By Step Process To Get Rid Of Pine Needle Tannin Stain From A Wood Deck

Pine needles usually comprised of tannin, a brown secretion, that can leave stains. Due to this reason, it is extremely essential to clean pine needles, using a brush, from your wooden deck. Otherwise, the pine needles can release & send out tannin and can cause pine needle-shaped stains on the wood. The tannin can also be adherent and make the deck unattractive & untidy to walk on. You can scrub the deck with the help of a strong cleaner in order to get rid of these stains.
  1. First of all, make a mixture of a tannin cleaning solution as per the manufacturer's instructions. Use a cleaning solution that is recommended for use on wood. The majority of these cleaning solutions are made with oxalic acid.
  2. Now, soak a scrubbing brush into the solution before scrubbing it over the surface of the wood deck as well as the tannin stains. Brush along the grain of the wood & continue brushing as long as the wood is completely clean and the tannin stains are gone.
  3. After that, keep the setting of a pressure washer to its lowest, due to the reason that wood cannot handle very high pressure.
  4. Rinse & clean the wood deck with the help of a pressure washer in order to eliminate the tannin cleaning solution.
  5. Finally, allow the wood deck to dry entirely for nearly two days.
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