How To Protect Wood Table Top: Easy Steps To Protect Table

Easy Steps To Protect Table

There are 2 types of tables Softwood and hardwood tables. Softwood tables are the most affordable types of tables that are made of the pine wood. Hardwood tables are made from the wood of oak, mahogany. The best examples of hardwood tables are Coffee & dining table. So taking good care of wood tables can give longer life to the tables. Here is some easy and quickest way to protect the wood tables from getting damaged, stretched and stained. So follow the given steps carefully for best results.

Caring The Wooden Table

  1. Environment: Keep the wood table in the suitable environment. The wood table is vulnerable to moisture as well as dryness. Keeping the wood table in the wrong environment can cause warping, cracking and even shrinking to the wooden table.
  2. Clean: Cleaning the wood table top with cotton cloth is better than using a feather duster. Remember to clean the tables regularly within a week.
  3. Permanent Damage: Use of vinegar, olive oil, lime juice, and turpentine can help to protect the wood table top from getting the Permanent Damage.

Protecting The Wooden Table

  1. Protective Layer: Decorative pieces like vases or centerpieces can harm the wood table top. So use the protective layer to keep the decorative items on it.
  2. Minor Scratches: It's common to get minor scratches on the wood table top. Don't worry there are many minor scratches remover use one of them.
  3. Wax: Apply the wax on the layer of wood table top. Applying the wax can protect that finish by adding an additional protective barrier on the wood table top.
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