How To Paint Dining Chairs: Steps To Paint Dining Room Chairs

How To Paint Dining Room Chairs?

Dining Room Furniture is necessary furniture that should always look elegant. The dining room furniture may look tired or badly worn after several years of use. In order to revitalize its elegance, the most economical way is to repaint the furniture. The steps to paint/repaint the dining chairs/furniture are as follows:
  1. Preparation:
    Before painting, it is necessary to make some preparations like wearing protective gear & work clothes and also the user needs to cover the work area surface with a drop cloth.
  2. Sand Unfinished Furniture:
    In Case of unfinished furniture, it is necessary to sand down the whole furniture in order to remove surface barriers of new paint. The user needs to rub the entire furniture surface including the underside of chairs with 220 grit sandpaper. Once the surface is sanded, it should feel smooth rather than slick to the touch.
  3. Sand Previously Finished Furniture:
    In Case of previously finished furniture, the user needs to sand the entire furniture in several stages such as the user needs to rub the surface with 100 grit sandpaper, then 150 grit, and at last, he needs to use 220 grit sandpaper. The user needs to remove smooth lines and blistered paint in between remaining paint along with any bare wood patches. The remaining paint left on the furniture should be smooth rather than slick.
  4. Clean The Furniture:
    The next step will be to remove sanding residue from the furniture using a hand vacuum cleaner or soft cloths.
  5. Apply Primer:
    After that, the user needs to apply a thin even coat of primer on to the surface that has to be painted. It has been recommended to start by turning the chairs upside down so that the easily missed spots are primed first followed by the upper visible portion.
  6. Sand Lightly:
    After the primer coat dries, the user needs to sand it lightly only if it is specified on the product.
  7. Apply Paint:
    The next step will be to apply a thin even coat of paint on to the primed surface. It has been recommended by the experts to apply three coats of paint on to the seating chairs. The paint should be applied with long even strokes and the user needs to avoid stroking the paint back over the already painted area. Once the paint dries, it needs to be sanded lightly using 220-grit sandpaper and the sand dust need to be wiped off before applying the second coat of paint. The third coat needs to be applied similar to the second coat of paint.
  8. Apply Clear Polyurethane:
    After three coats of paint, the user need not use furniture for 24 hours before applying a single coat of clear polyurethane on to it. After that, the furniture should be kept out of use for 24 hours before putting it to use again.
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