How To Install Closet Rod In Drywall: Two Parts & Items Needed

Two Parts & Items Needed To Install Closet Rod In Drywall

In order to install the closet rod in your drywall then you don't have to be a perfect carpenter but you just need to collect all the given items and then go through 2 main parts to finish your work without wasting your precious time. Here is the list of all the required items and 2 parts with steps:

Things You'll Need

  • Rod
  • Sockets
  • Anchors
  • Wood
  • Tape Measure
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill

Part I: Preparing For Installation

  • First of all, you need to measure the width of your closet because you need to know the correct measurement for the rod.
  • There is a wide variety of closet bars available at the improvement & hardware stores. You can choose betwixt wood & metal. You need to choose a solid bar or an adjustable one.
  • Now you need to purchase the rod sockets. In order to install a closer bar, you need to insert the ends of it into the sockets that are attached to your wall. These rod sockets are easily available in a wide variety of styles & are usually made of metal or wood. If you are going to work with a metal socket, then you need to choose from several finishes, including the white finish and the silver finish.
  • Buy the wood screws and the attachment tools which you will use in this process. To put your closer bar up securely, you have to anchor it appropriately. Many bar sockets also come with screws but if they don't come with screws then you need to purchase them and your need the attachment tools such as a drill, saw, and screwdriver for adjusting the length of your bar & the cutting structural support pieces.
  • Choose the appropriate height for your rod. In order to make your closet rod, put it at height according to your needs. It is good to mount your single rod at 5 feet (1.5m) tall. The double rod set up comes with bottom rod mounted at 3.5(1.1m) & the upper rod is mounted at 7 feet (2.1m).
  • You also need to decide how deep you want your bar to be. It is very necessary to have the back far enough so that your hangers & your clothes that are on your bar will clear the door easily. However, you also need enough space behind your closet rod for your hangers to clear back wall. The bar 10 inches (25 cm) off the back wall works well.
  • Now you need to mark both sides of your closet. When you have figured out required height & depth for the bar, mark where the brackets will go on both sides of your closet.
  • Now you need to measure up from the floor with the help of a tape measure and then make a small preliminary mark at the correct height & approximately the right depth on one side of your closet.
  • Next, pull the measuring tape up & check the depth of your mark. Adjust the mark so that it continues to be at the correct height & is now at the right depth.
  • Your closet bars need to be able to support a large amount of weight. Be sure that they don't fall because of this weight, it is important to screw them into studs in your wall. The easy way to find studs in your wall is to use the stud finder.
  • Now you need to add wood support to the closet walls if needed. If the locations you have marked for the bar socket that do have stud behind them in your wall, you will also need to add some supports to your wall. This is done by attaching 1 by 5 inches (2.5 cm × 12.7 cm) pieces of wood along the wall that the sockets can then be attached to.

Part-II: Installing The Rod

  • Start by marking screw holes. To attach the sockets to your wall, first, you need to hold them up & then mark the screw holes by using a pencil. The solid circle socket can be easily placed in any position, but the open side socket cannot. You need to be sure that the open section is facing straight up now.
  • Now drill pilot holes using a 1/4 "inch(0.64cm) drill bit to put the pilot holes into the surface-mounted wood or where you have made the marks earlier. Drilling the pilot holes will also help avert your wood from splitting when you attach the screws.
  • Now attach sockets, once your pilot holes are drilled carefully, you can place your sockets on your wall, positioning them one at the time on top of each pilot holes and then attach them with the help of screws you purchased.
  • Next adjust rod length, if you have the rod which needs to be cut down then do it. Also double-check the length you need and then you need to use your saw in order to cut the rod. If your rod is adjustable, then you need to adjust it to the correct length.
  • Finally insert your rod and it totally depends on which type of socket you are using for your closet. You just have to insert the one end of your bar into your socket that is a solid circle and then you have to drop the other end of your bar into the opening of your socket that has an open side. Once your rod is in the right place then be sure it feels secure by pulling down it a little. If your rod feels stronger then you can easily hang your clothes up.
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