How To Care For Leather Sofa: Steps

Steps To Care For Leather Sofa

Taking care of the leather sofa is important. The steps are mentioned below for how to take care of leather sofa:
  1. Make A Solution: The first step is to prepare a cleaning solution by combining water and vinegar in same quantity.
  2. Remove Dust: Use a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust particles from the surface of the leather sofa.
  3. Dip The Cloth: Take a clean soft cloth and dip it in to the cleaning mixture.
  4. Clean The Sofa: Now clean dirty spots on the leather sofa with a damped cloth.
  5. Let It Dry: After removing the dirty spots clean the leather sofa with a dry cloth and allow it to dry properly.

Steps To Care For Aniline Leather Sofa

Aniline leather sofa does not have any protective layer of finish so it is difficult to maintain. Any dust or dirt on the surface of the aniline leather goes deep into the sofa and water drop on the aniline leather sofa will cause a dark stain on the leather sofa. Here are the few steps by which the customer can take care of aniline leather sofa:
  1. Step 1: The aniline leather sofa soaks up liquid and damages the leather sofa. To get rid of this problem leather ultra clean can be poured into the foaming bottle and the cleaner is turned into foam. This foam is used to clean the surface of the sofa effectively.
  2. Step 2: To remove dirt and dust from the aniline leather sofa Tampico brush can be used. The sponge or cloth cleans the dirt from the surface of the sofa and Tampico brush cleans dirt from within the aniline sofa.
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